Sunday, August 20, 2017

1910 Oldsmobile Limited Roadster (photo colored by Imbued w/ Hues)

I just learned that after a couple of years of not being able to find his writings, Ezra Dyer is a columnist and Car and Driver

If you want to catch up like I do

What had me looking him up?

This snippet from a 2013 article:

After visiting Jay Leno a couple of years ago, I returned home so embarrassed at my level of ineptitude that I dismantled my sputtering lawn mower in a bid to fix it. By the time I finished, it sounded like a Sopwith Camel in the process of being shot down.

If Jay Leno had this problem, he’d build a new lawn mower, smelting his own ore for the block and crafting the handle from the skids of a surplus military helicopter. The final product would put down 83 hp and be called the Blind Monk, after the sightless holy man who achieved transcendence while jetting the carburetor.

cute new way of announcing a kid on the way

Congats to Ian and Dani for going for the full adult experience and being brave enough to bring a kiddo into this world, and risking their toys which a kid will probably damage.

May the child be healthy, smart, and be a joy to you all your days!

Stored for 40 years, only has 550 miles on it, and only sold at auction for 17,600 thou. Was it worth the effort to store it for such a low return after 4 decades of not enjoying it?

It still has air of 1977 in the tires. These pace cars were hard to sell new, and nothing has changed.

 A lot of dealers painted the cars all black or all silver to sell them when new.

1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

9,769 original miles. Ain't that a shame? One of the coolest cars Ferrari made... and in 45 years it's been enjoyed less than a skateboard.

Howard O'Flynn was the original owner of this magnificent Daytona. O'Flynn was in banking in New York and one of Enzo's first US clients. O'Flynn stored the car in New Jersey until 1988. He then moved the car to Texas where it remained until being sold in 2011. The car is complete with the complete factory tools and kit, original yellow felt Ferrari dusting cloth, Ferrari 365 GTB/4 original owner's manual and service manual.

It was a no sale in 2011 at Mecum Monterey for 170,000 less. That's how important the right auction is

the thing that did not need to be done, a GTO front on a truck

most unusual thing I've ever seen a bike rider do

the Vincati

a Vincati (all Ducati 750 SS/Vincent 1000cc engine)

The first Vincati was reported by the Australian Motorcycle Action in October 1975, and it was put together by Max Johnson.

 In 1972, Johnson was looking for a Vincent but first found a Vincent engine installed in a racing car.

He acquired it and started his quest for frame parts, and the idea of the Vincati simply came as he was assisting a friend in repairing his Ducati 750. He assessed that the Vincent Twin would fit quite well in this chassis and that it would also be a much easier to find a wrecked bike on the market.

After about three years of intensive work including the mock-up, rebuilding the engine and finally assemble the bike, the Vincati was ready and made its first apparition during one of the VOC outing.

Phil Irving, co-designer of the Vincent, was there and made the following comment ‘It almost looks as if it grew there.’ reported AMA, which also commented that ‘Phil Irving was not partial to the many variations and hybrids of the traditional Vincent, these faint words of praise indicate he was not unpleased with the Max Johnson version.’.

landslide toppling trees, caught on dashcam by an unlucky driver caught in the middle of it

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Possibly the only person to park his truck on top of a car, in traffic, and get the other guy arrested. Don't try this at home folks.

According to an arrest affidavit, Adalberto Aponte, 53, said he got into a verbal disturbance that ended when Zach Waring placed his pickup truck into reverse and backed up onto Aponte’s Camry.

Waring told police that Aponte had been driving recklessly since he appeared behind Waring's truck. Waring said Aponte almost caused multiple crashes, and when he reached a red light at the intersection of Southwest 42nd Street and Southwest 27th Avenue, Aponte got out of his Camry, walked directly to Waring's open driver's window and "began to strike him in the face through the window multiple times," police said.

The victim's girlfriend yelled that there was a gun in the truck when Waring was unable to stop Aponte from punching him, a report states. There wasn't a gun in the pickup truck, police said.

According to the report, Aponte said, "I'll show you a real gun."

Waring told police that he feared for his life and his family and "had no other option but to place his vehicle in reverse and hit Aponte's vehicle in an attempt to prevent him from obtaining a firearm and causing further harm to him or his family," a report states.

Police said the red light prevented Waring from driving forward through the intersection in an attempt to leave the argument.

Witnesses to the road rage incident were able to confirm Waring's statements, police said.

Aponte was arrested at the scene and charged with burglary, battery, criminal mischief and driving with suspended license for failing to pay child support in September 2016.

this is new... doesn't seem to have steering though

parenting.... sometimes it's easy to see what their hobby is

this is why planes aren't allowed to use roads as runways...

how did this happen... did they look at a deep ditch, and think... I can either make it, or make it worse?

finally a use for chinese made garbage tools

Double engined Oliver

thanks Mark!

price comparison on tires.

As I do when I need to buy a new set of tires, I compare prices.

This time I have a Veloster R Spec, which simply has a turbo and better shifter, and last time I had a plain jane Veloster

Prices went up. Mostly.

This time, The rim is an 18 in.

Walmart 536
Tire Rack 543
Amazon 573
Discount tire 592
Tire Depot: 598
Hyundai dealership 856

The best price last time was 376. So getting a more fun car, means more expensive tires. Damn it.
Last time discount tire was 610. This time they are 18 dollars less expensive

last comparison

Sweet.... imagine driving this around town

over at  they are trying to find out who made it or owned it

Wow, answered in less than 10 minutes!

It's Darryl Starbird's Star Trek Coupe... Thanks Warren!

1966 Travco motor home, Dodge power train, poly 318. Original accessories and all the brochures and paperwork

originally cost 13,800, adjusted for inflation that's 100,000. A house bought by that family a year later cost 15 thou.

2 piece fiberglass, and never been in as much as a bump in the night.

The front bumper doubles as a bench and storage.

1966 22′ Airstream Safari for 29k (I envy you rich people, especially whoever buys this)

Comes complete with a drop hitch, anti-sway bars, and electric brakes. We’ve towed this trailer 15,000 miles with an all original 1968 International Travelall.

 A family full-timed in it for a year without a single issue along the way. It’s clean, fresh, and fully-functioning. If you are tired of the idea of buying a fixer-upper, and just want to get out on the road, then this is the perfect Airstream for you.

a full gallery and terrific webpage about it

want to read an adventure, racing, sailing, and Rv-ing around the world?

in 2003 a husband and wife were eating pizza and drinking beer in Chicago, and got to talking about whether to settle down or see the world.

So they bought this 35 foot catamaran, and began an amazing round the world journey/adventure.

Florida, the Bahamas, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Spain, and back to Florida.

Then they raced across the US in a 356, then

they began a van cruise around the US.... starting in the Baja, to Alaska, to Belize, Peru, Argentina, and then over to Europe,

then they had some kids and sailed up and down the Pacific coast of Mexico

then they bought a 1966 Dodge motor home (seperate post on it's incredible vintage stuff) with original interior in 2013, it only had a 318 though

and then they bought an IH Traveler and an Airstream 

and now are going back to a boat

Maybe you recall how VW was touted as high tech for their manufacturing, well... look at Tesla's production

Friday, August 18, 2017

Back when real cars ran in races, with their tops chopped off. Imagine racing with convertibles now?

nice pace car Camaro

Larry Shinoda concept art

Looks a lot like the Maverick or the early 70s Comet to me. But it's a 1964 Chevy concept, the XP-813

Honda manned up, and quietly mentioned that it was the bikes fault why McGuiness crashed at the 2017 TT

Honda did eventually confirm that John himself had quickly fed back to the team that the throttle had either stuck or opened unexpectedly.

After the rather loud explosion of rebutted ‘Guy Martin retirement’ news released by MCN, it might raise the odd skeptical eyebrow that it was also MCN that announced – just hours later – the official confirmation from Honda that it was an error with their bike which caused John to crash.

Honda Team Manager, Jonny Twelvetrees released today in a statement that after having extracted and reviewed the data from the ECU on McGuinness bike, they can now confirm that it was a setting on the ECU race kit software that resulted in the throttle, unexpectedly, blipping.

Speaking about the incident, Twelvetrees had this to say,

“Although at the time there was a long delay in getting the data from John’s bike due to the ECU being damaged – the ECU had to be sent all the way to the supplier in China to extract the data from it – we put in a countermeasure of a new spec of ECU for the TT to ensure the problem wouldn’t happen again.

McGuinness has been diagnosed with a compound fracture to the bottom of this right leg Tibia and Fibula, and four broken vertebrae and three broken ribs in the accident at the NW200

Dream Factory Blow, a company in Japan that can make a stock vanilla van or truck look like a classic (Thanks Burkey!)

they manufacture high quality plastic kits to transform A Honda van into a 70's Dodge van, amongst others.

skip the first minute, of course

Mihai and his wife and kid are going all over with their Ural, and stopped by the factory... and wow, were treated to a rebuild for free! (thanks Larry!)

and even met up with the Zapp family I posted about

after 70k of road they stopped by the factory for a gasket... but were treated to a complete tear down and rebuild!

On his epic summer adventure Mihai and his family recently visited our factory in Irbit to see where his Ural was born.

Unknown to him we had arranged for his bike to get a full work through, giving it some love after over 70,000 kilometers on the road.

"I told them I only needed a gasket for my alternator and the small switch to turn on the rear brake lights. Then in 30 minutes my bike was completely apart and the guys started replacing all sorts of stuff on it.

I was there with my eyes wide and could not believe what is going on... I kept adding up the parts in my mind, counting everything they replaced, and started freaking out at what it would cost..."

"They saw my face and started smiling. Relax! It's on the house!

We stood there in disbelief, really, it's beyond my ability to put into words... it's the biggest surprise I've had since I bought the bike. I just want you to know that this means a lot to us, and we are deeply thankful for this. I still can't believe what happened. A thousand thank you's for that, and I still feel it's not enough."