Friday, March 24, 2017

1922 grand opening of a Calpet gas station, and everyone was looking sharp, even the genie (or gypsy) girls... which make no sense, they have no context to be in costume

it's sad, once car dealerships were sorta cool, now you wouldn't know that it was ever a car dealership

Welderup has a new cool car, a lot newer than most of their stuff, a '68 Charger

How do you go from this to that? Upside down to right side up? Lots of careful planning and big construction equipment

the brakes were way too touchy, and grabbed just a little too much!  for the full article and more photos.  Cool blog, written by a car and plane enthusiast, who collects Coleman gas lanterns and is a master carpenter. Incredible work. 

wow, a website that posts only car stories from magazine company's online coverage

so, if you're ready to let your subscriptions end, this seems to have most of the good stuff, and loads so damn much faster than corporate sites with all their crappy advertising

Congratulations to the Campbell family, and compliments to Nitto tires (not only have they dominated drifting, but Nitto just swept the podium at King of the Hammers)

Nitto went from presenting sponsor in 2014, to title sponsor in 2015, and now it's found 1st, 2nd and 3rd place all using Nitto tires, and 4th place was the 2016 winner, also on Nitto tires

This victory makes Shannon Campbell the first three-time winner of the race and is the first time a tire manufacturer has swept the podium in the race’s 10-year history.

It's got to be particularly celebratory at the Campbell home, his son Wayland took 2nd place, just 28 seconds behind his fathers pace.

It's not a race that is easy on parts

Shannon finished the King of the Hammers on three tires in 6 hours 46 minutes and 4 seconds.

only 50 of the 122 racers made it to the finish line in the 14 hours allowed

Drivingline is the in house magazine of Nitto tires by the way and the online coverage is pretty damn good

They pulled out that Jeep from the Cape Cod half buried in sand garage

You probably recall that I posted the whole story a month ago

Mr Norm's van.... since 1977, it's been groovy baby with a 440, Dana 60, and probably a cool stereo too. The 2nd owner bought it from Mr Norm in 1979, and kept it til 2016

Mr. Norm developed the conversion van concept as a substitute for the declining market share in muscle cars and scored another first. He opened a van department in the fleet office to supply the burgeoning van conversion business with vehicles. He purchased 280,000-sq. ft. of additional property to store the increasing automotive inventory. Grand Spaulding became the Number Two Dodge dealership in volume sales.

This 1977 B200 Long Box with a 440, Dana 60 rear, and power everything not only features crazy paint but a mural of the final 1970s Mr. Norm’s Super Charger funny car in action. Kenny Safford was the driver, but this van was owned by none other than Mr. Norm Krause himself, who had the murals painted on this van and drove it before it was sold in 1979. It then stayed with the same owner for the next 40 years or so.

Auction results, AMX3, Tucker #44


When they went publicity crazy in December to hype this car, I posted the story about it.

Another AMX 3, a red one, went for about the same price a couple years ago... so, that's the going rate for a Bizzarini/BMW/AMX concept car - prototype.


Not bad for pulling it out of long term storage because it was never in good enough condition to run reliably.... but when #43 went for about 3 million, well, that was all it took for Tucker owners to loosen their grip on the cars they never drove anyway, and it was flatbedded around for publicity the 2nd half of last year.

2 Orlando police officers have been convicted of drunken driving and another has been arrested on the same charge... but that's not half as disgusting as the next drunk driving cop news:

Prince George’s County Police Department arrested one of its own officers Thursday after he crashed his cruiser in an alleged drunk driving incident.

Police Officer First Class Christopher Brown was driving a marked cruiser when he clipped the back of tractor trailer, lost control of the vehicle and hit a guardrail around 2:30 a.m. Thursday near Pennsylvania Avenue and Interstate 495. Police said Brown initially left the scene of the crash and returned a short time later.

Brown, who joined the department in 2009, was involved in another drunken driving crash in his police cruiser in 2012. Police arrested Brown following the Oxon Hill crash. Brown pleaded guilty to charges of drunk driving, speeding and failure to control his vehicle, according to court records.

Brown has been suspended from the department after the most recent incident. He is again charged with multiple counts of driving under the influence and speeding.

trucking visits the White House to talk about corporate health care costs... not trucking, or interstate truckers getting the legal right to carry concealed weapons for self protection

Photo by Sarah H. Sanders, White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary.

The American Trucking Associations brought representatives from a number of trucking companies and a group of its Road Team Captain drivers to the White House for a meeting with President Trump.

The event included a discussion, which both the ATA and the White House have said the key topic was health care costs.

“The Affordable Care Act is just plain unaffordable,” ATA President and CEO Chris Spear said in a release. “Replacing this law will help trucking employees, their families and our customers by lowering insurance costs, decreasing mandates, liabilities and administrative burdens, and providing access to quality care and patient choice.”

Among the people griping about health care, and not trucker safety were the ATA Chairman and president of Jet Express Inc.,
the CEO of Old Dominion Freight Line,
the president and CEO of FedEx Freight,
the CEO of U.S. Xpress Inc.,
the president of Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association,
the president of UPS Freight,
the chairman of CRST International Inc.,
and the president and CEO of Crete Carrier Corp.,

In addition, ATA is privileged to be bringing its Image Truck – Interstate One – and a trailer provided by Jet Express featuring a Trucking Moves America Forward wrap, hauled by ATA's Share the Road Truck. These trucks are being driven and escorted by 12 professional drivers with a combined 319 years of driving experience and 29.4 million accident-free miles (and no one from Swift)

Edward G. Robinson and Kirk Douglas at Cannes Film Festival

Fordson Major with a Roadless dg4 track conversion kit

The govt of Canada simply doesn't have smart people making simple decisions. Taking away a license plate from someone, whose last name - is the vanity plate letters... that's not cool.

Lorne Grabher said he's had his personalized licence plate for 25 years.

Now Canada's Nova Scotia Department of Transportation pc nazi license plate decision makers revoked it based on a single complaint that "some individuals interpret [the name] as misogynistic and promoting violence against women."

Last December, he received a letter telling him the plate would be cancelled because the public cannot be expected to know it is his last name and "can misinterpret it as a socially unacceptable slogan."

"I was taken aback. How can you say my name is a slogan when it is not?" Grabher told CBC News.

"Where does the government of Nova Scotia get the right to discriminate against a person's name?"

Take it up with head of the pc nazi division: Janice Hartland, the director of road safety at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Other words on the list of 3100 things Nova Scotia will not allow on license plates?
hootch, gringo, doobie, or any variation of 1969 and car model... like 69Bee, 69Prix, 69GTO etc.

Meanwhile in Newfoundland Canada, there is a city named Dildo

So... Canada has issues, conflicting ones. 

another thing I've never seen before, a folding top on a Harley

But Mario knew that there were some FLT Harley Accessory tops!

Thanks Mario!

Los Angeles in 1904, looking south on Broadway toward Main

that's a larger number and variety of vehicles than I would have guessed would be in LA in 1904

Progress, that unstoppable force, causing the cool old semaphore stop lights to get torn down in 1956

the semaphore traffic signals are being replaced with conventional light only signals at the intersection of Main and Sunset at the plaza

WW2 air raid drill made all the trains and trolleys, and cars and traffic come to complete stop

An air raid roundup occuring on February 25, 1942, in a blackout during World War II, during which lights were turned out and vehicles stopped. Numerous streetcars are parked on tracks on Georgia Street, near Hotel Houston, 1226 Georgia St., and Georgia Arms, 1260 Georgia St

Feb 1947 was a historic day in Los Angeles, a chemistry event at an electroplating company leveled the half a block

killing 15 people, injuring 151, damaging 116 buildings

Investigators blamed the devastation on a tank of perchloric acid that the plant's chief chemist, Robert M. Magee, had been tending at the time of the blast. The bodies of Magee and his assistant, Miss Alice Iba, were never found and were believed "blown to bits."

The plant was managed by Robert J. O'Connor, son of the company's founder. O'Connor knew little about chemistry, so he had hired Robert M. Magee, 35, who presented impressive credentials. But in truth, Magee had been working as a foreman at a local dairy and was only an aspiring chemist without even a high school diploma.

For almost a year, Magee worked on a revolutionary process for polishing aluminum, anxiously waiting to get it patented. He was using a mixture of 140 gallons of acetic anhydride, nearly as volatile as nitroglycerin.

Actors union strike (1945, Warner Brothers) and the expected anarchy as striking people lose their minds when other people cross the picket line (as you also can expect will happen) and the striking people went beserk, as usual, rioted and tipped over cars

And I expect someone is going to be outraged at the way I described what happened. Well, that outraged person will only confirm that striking union people become lunatics, cause riots, and behave like idiots. Just look at these photos, or, check the news on most every strike ever.

Not that strikes weren't needed about 100 years ago, and Henry Ford had thugs beat and kill striking union members... proving that big business was the problem.

Then the unions became the problem, and the thugs.

Humans are strange this way, becoming the thing they despise ( from young hippy to old conservative, from young rock n roller to old fart yelling "turn down that noise") and never getting wiser, learning from the past, or overcoming emotional kneejerk reaction for logical reasoned thought out response. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Samson tire and rubber company located at at 5675 Telegraph Road, City of Commerce

Isn't this probably the most incredible business office building you've ever seen?

Ramona Boulevard, from the Macy Street viaduct, from Nov 1933 to Apr 1936 completion

Silver Lake Auto Rest, 1938.

1936 Pontiac

notice that above it was still called the Auto Rest, and below the wording changed to Motel

Whoever built this house needs to advertise their construction company! Took a direct hit from a flying car, and did not even crack

remember, some people are drunk, and some want to get hit for the insurance money... and some are just morons. Be careful, and be sure to see what other drivers are doing, they might just hit you (Language warning... lotsa loud screamed out F bombs)

The folks at National Geographic just did a solid favor for all the adventurous outdoor types, they have every USA topographical map on their super easy to use site so you can view or print them

you zoom in on the above map at

then you get little red squares, click on those and you get a PDF like the above, plus each of the 4 areas to choose from, and then you can print which one you want, or all of them.

Now you can see what roads go through, or have water to cross, or whatever

Nick made his own camper from his Honda Element (cheaper and more reliable than an old VW van)