Tuesday, May 23, 2017

a geographically accurate New York City subway map

Sorry it's light and hard to see, but I'm not at my laptop to give it a shot of photoshop to boost the colors, contrast, and tints. What you can see though, if you click on it for full size, is that it's realistic

unlike the geometically abstract lines and curves method of Vignelli's 70's style we are used to


the last Viper - movie by Pennzoil

Caltrans decided it will no longer maintain or install Botts dots

A six-year Caltrans study that concluded in the early 2000s showed that accident rates weren’t significantly affected whether the dots were there or not. The state agency then spent years weighing the dots’ pros and cons before deciding they were no longer worth the maintenance effort – or the risk to workers.

“It’s an older technology that’s getting phased out,” said Gaspar Inzunza, a Caltrans maintenance supervisor in Orange County. “Having a newer technology completely replace it is ideal. It’s safer and more cost effective

Inzunzan has seen, in his eight years with the state, technology improve such as thermoplastic striping that reflects more light in the dark and rain, and with plastic composite markers that stand up to traffic for years longer than the dots.


Tyler Witte didn't need a crazy amount of money and a super expensive racecar to make a Gymkhana video. He took his Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS and a good right location.

Look out Subaru WRXers, someone modded a Land Rover with a BMW engine, and it looks like it tackles corners fiercely

thanks Marcin!

reasons why the Mille Miglia is on my bucket list of dream events to cover with a camera

ever wonder... how did that dumb ass have a series of events that led to what you just saw?

A moment apart from cars to give you real news. A goat herder won the Ultra Trail Cerro Rojo in Puebla, in central Mexico women's ultramarathon... a 50 k race. Without shoes, wearing basic sandals made from recycled tires.

María Lorena Ramírez is a goat and cattle shepherd that walks 10-15 kilometers every day.

Carrying only a bottle of water, she ran the 50 kilometers in seven hours and three minutes, defeating 500 other runners from 12 countries.

She didn’t bring any gel, nor energy drinks, no energy food bars, no sun glasses, no expensive running shoes, no hydration vest, no Lycra and no compression socks.

Nike did not congratulate her, Red Bull had nothing to say. The win awarded her $320 USD


Monday, May 22, 2017

how does a dog sled sell tires? I can only think that it's going to cause a spectacle and free publicity

Tommy Ivo at age 16 with his brand new 1952 Buick

Packard automobile at Hoover Dam, 1934

Herbert’s Drive-In, the corner of Beverly & Fairfax, Los Angeles, 1945, in a photo by Nina Leen

American Airlines Douglas Sleeper Transport parked in front of the Grand Central Air Terminal, Glendale, California, twilight, 1936

Jane's 1938 says the DST had six berths on each side of the aisle, then in front of them was the "buffet" on the left and a compartment for two passengers on the right. Berths were 77 inches long, lowers were 36 inches wide and uppers were 30.

In August 1937 American had three Douglases a day out of Glendale, all to Newark: DSTs at 1630 (three stops) and 2230 (six stops), and the 14-stop dayplane left in the morning.


Pan Am seems to have been getting a raw deal in the mid 1970s

On September 23, 1974, a group of Pan Am employees published an advertisement in The New York Times to register their disagreement over federal policies which they felt were harming the financial viability of their employer.

 The ad cited discrepancies in airport landing fees, such as Pan Am paying $4,200 to land a plane in Sydney, while the Australian carrier, Qantas, paid only $178 to land a jet in Los Angeles.

The ad also contended that the United States Postal Service was paying foreign airlines five times as much to carry U.S. mail in comparison to Pan Am.

Finally, the ad questioned why the Export-Import Bank of the United States loaned money to Japan, France, and Saudi Arabia at 6% interest while Pan Am paid 12%


in the 1890s, when cycling became more affordable and available to the less affluent, the office clerks and laborers, the bike disrupted the social strata by mixing the wealthy and the poor in one hobby, much like access to public parks and libraries did

“Professional men would bike to get out of the city, into the fresh air and particularly beyond all the hordes of immigrants who were flooding the area. And then, lo and behold, they found these same folks were following them out on bicycles.”

“The bicycle is indeed the great leveler,” reported The Century magazine in 1894. “It puts the poor man on a level with the rich, enabling him to ‘sing the song of the open road’ as freely as the millionaire.”

read a whole article about it: https://www.citylab.com/transportation/2017/05/the-great-leveler/527355/
photo by David W Cerny  https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/offbeat/pragues-high-wheel-cycling-race/ss-AAjWYXr#image=13

looks like the 4 wheel sidecar has been resurected or replicated, this was at the 2017 Bangkok Custom show


hard to tell, there are some similarities.... and I just saw this one in the lower photo sitting neglected, on facebook. 

there is something relaxing about watching someone else work... and seeing them do a nice, precise job

Why were the fuel filler necks on opposite sides of Challengers and Chargers? How did that make sense? But Coronets and Super Bees had them in the middle behind the license plate

Just seems to be a strange decision to make Dodge cars with 3 very different places for filling up the gas tank.

Anyone know why?

the car I most want that is coming to auction? Don Ferguson rebuilt Ardun powered, S.CO.T supercharged, Gene Winfield painted deuce roadster that was the Apr 1964 Hot Rod centerfold

soon to be auctioned off, Terry Cook's Zephyr

1959 Dodge Power Wagon "Little Mo" fire truck by American LaFrance coming to auction

I believe a century of precision machining is worth a post of appreciation

plus, I just dig machinery


Bumper stickers from a the Model T generation

if this isn't photoshopped... then how did that truck not waste the brakes?

amazing! That reminds me,being a lumberjack has ALWAYS been one of the top 5 most dangerous jobs


day 43..... (Thanks to Gary Larsen for this type of humor!)

cool way to make a case for buying one brand of tires over another, display them on a cool roadster

Andre Citroen had a couple toy makers produce very exact replicas of his vehicles, and John shared the ones he's collected with me this morning

Between 1925 and 1940, Citroen worked with a  CIJ ( Compagnie industrielle du jouet) and JRD ( Jouets Rabier et Donnot - toys Rabier and Donnot ) to produce exact replicas of his cars, those were produced in 1:10 or 1:15 scale

Those toys were pressed sheet metal with clockwork mechanism and had a brake, they were also electric with front light, the steering column was functional and with opening door, seats and very detailed

Thanks John!